Tuesday, March 15, 2016

"Alright everyone get the ides of March quotes/memes out of your systems"

We didn't need the help of a seer to predict our beginning or our end. There were so many signs in the beginning that led us to believe we should be together.  From those first fated moments in Ithaca, the Monica Lewinsky scandal breaking on TV, wrapped in a hotel quilt staving off the winter air.  It was a trip I wasn't suppose to be on, trading an invitation for a weekend away in the Poconos for this trip instead.  But for every early easy moment, we would be met by an equally hard road block.  The early fights, the fire, the year we didn't speak.  So many times that one or both of us could have turned and chosen a different path. And yet we always chose the hard path.  The fight to find each other, to stay together, even when we knew it was a futile one.  And the sad march to goodbye, through years of memories and moments of hope, that brought us back to the end. To where we started.  The only price we paid, was time and our hearts.

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