Thursday, August 18, 2016

"I just discovered they're still doing The Real World on MTv - and it's still super annoying;)"

I woke up with all of the conversations we never had lodged in the back of my throat.  Dreams of times we never spent and the things we will never do haunting my morning, making reality seemed skewed.  It was 1pm before I realized that today we would have celebrated 15 years.  That we would have cracked open the bottle of Chateau Margaux that bought on our 5th anniversary and served it with braised New Zealand lamp chops or tender skirt steak cooked with onions.

There is no option on Facebook to post about the milestones you don't meet. And the bottle of wine was opened years ago.  On our last night together, even though at the time we could not call it that, we sat together in the living room of our home.  Candles in the fireplace, the spring wind coming through the windows, behind us, stacks of boxes that will need to be loaded into the Penske truck tomorrow.  And the wine was young when we opened it, it had needed more time to become the wine it had been created to be.  And wasn't it the same with us?  That time and patience could have fixed so much.

I woke up with all of the things that I have left to say to you on the tip of my tongue.  The summer wind blowing in my window, just as it had 15 years ago. Wondering if you had saved the bottle...

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