Sunday, December 27, 2015

"I have a spare for Parquet Courts tonight. Anybody?"

Remember in high school we had that fight and you walked away.  You were the first person I had ever told about what had happened.  It seemed safe because it had happened to you too.  When my mom picked me up from school I was crying and she drove me to find you and on the side of Route 1 we fought for another hour.  My feet were frozen in my sneakers and we ran out of cigarettes and I didn't understand why we were fighting since I was sure you were the only person who could understand me.

When you went away for two weeks a month later you wrote me 14 letters, one for each day you were gone, and I did the same.  Some puppy dog love attempt to stay connected over a period of time that felt like forever to our 15 year old selves. Do you remember the moment you knew it was over?

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