Thursday, December 31, 2015

"Bye bye Carolina"

"It's OK if you cry," he said.  And so I did.  I cried with my face buried in his naked back.  I cried while the moon rose and his breath evened into sleep.  I cried as I grasped his hand and as the garbage truck lumbered down Mt. Vernon street.  I cried as the street lights turned off and dawn broke across our bed.

Our bed.  The one we had shared since I was 19.  Our bed.  The one that had seen 3 moves.  The one we bought with money I got as gifts for my college graduation.  Our bed.  The one I would never again share with him.  The one, in a few hours, I would dissemble with the special tools LL Bean gives you and pack into the back of a Penske truck. My bed.

By the time he stirred I wasn't crying anymore.

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