Tuesday, January 5, 2016

"Fairly obsessed with my new rug."

She only dated guys who loved The Big Lebowski.  It wasn't something she looked for or asked about it just sort of happened.  That somewhere around the second or third date they would drop a quote from the movie and she would realize that she was again involved with someone who held up the movie as a guide to life.  Some embraced the Dude... inspired by his simple approach.  His way of making life work for him.  Others saw themselves in Roger.  A man who gave his all to his country and his wife, long after she had left him. Others to Donny or the the Big Lebowski.

She would wonder what was in her that attracted these men.  They had little in common outside of their reverence for the movie.  Dropping quotes or making reference to the rug that "really tied the room together".  One time she had pretended she had not seen the movie and the guy had spent the rest of their dinner describing it scene by scene while they ate steak frites at a French Bistro.

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