Thursday, January 28, 2016

"Mittens are delicious!"

The stone steps are cold beneath me.  I can not remember how long I have been sitting here but the light is gone.  It is suppose to be spring but the season can't seem to show up.  Winter holding on too tight.  Is that what I have been doing?  Holding too tight to what I was sure I was suppose to be and not allowing something new in?  My hands are jammed in my pink coat, headphones on.  Home is the next stop.  But I know what is waiting for me there.  The silence of a life abandoned. The ghosts of movie nights and Survivor finales. Of 7 course meals and pizza deliveries.  I work as late as I can, knowing he will be ducking out early.   Each of us trying to maximize time.  Him with her. And me, anywhere but there.

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