Monday, January 4, 2016

"And we have a new bed time fave!"

The night air had turned cool and Jay stood by the carelessly built fire.  The school year had ended with a whimper and he relished in the last few days of freedom before he faced a long summer of working on his fathers lobster boat.  Years later, long after he had forgotten the details of the smoke filled party he would find his breath catch when The Freshman came on the radio.  He would be reminded just for a moment what had happened that had set the course of his life.  He could track back every bad decision, every wrong turn to that night.

He saw her, as he held his hands over the fire, shirt incorrectly button emerging from the shadows.  She was shaky on her feet and he was pissed because she was suppose to be his.  Not his girlfriend.  He had one of those with beautiful hair and grace.  But his play thing and somehow tonight her attention had turned elsewhere.  He tucked his blond hair behind his ear and watched through the side of his eye as his best friend took advantage of the moment.  Collecting her and holding up.  Leading her away from the party.

The first decision that led him off course, was the one to follow them.

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