Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015- The Year of the Character

In 2014 I focused on writing short stories inspired by the Facebook posts of my friends.  It was a mostly fun, sometimes exhausting and occasionally illuminating project.  The challenge I have given to myself for 2015 is to write 365 character descriptions again inspired by the posts of my friends on Facebook.  I am seeking to place all of these characters in one town in Maine.

Like my work in 2014 these will be mostly short and will not be about the persons whose post I have selected.  Instead, in only a few paragraphs I will seek to bring to life a fictional character.  If I do it well you may feel as though you just ran into an old friend, or had a good laugh with the server behind the counter.  It is the challenge to, without the benefit of visual imagery or context of a story to create a compelling character that you wish you knew, are sure you are friends with or hope you never cross the path of.

Wish me luck!

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