Saturday, January 3, 2015

"Broke down and hired a monthly house cleaner...and feeling pretty damn good about it!"

When Em returned to New Orleans in a few months she would move in with her boyfriend who had already secured them a small Creole house deep in the Quarter.  Em's family had been living in the area since they came over from France generations ago.  She was a shining example of southern wealth.  Everything about her was understated but yet old money seemed to drip from her.  Currently a senior at an almost Ivy League school hidden amongst the snow banks of New England her heritage was unimpressive to her classmates. No matter how perfect her black hair looked, how straight and white her teeth were, how well spoken she was.  Here amongst the Mayflower set she was a second class citizen.

She had learned in her 3 years at the school to quiet her voice.  Even though she did not have a southern accent persee, there was something in her tone that made her stand out.  She had joined a soreity that had deep roots in the south and it was here and only here where she felt as she belonged.   She had 6 months left of her senior year but her mind and heart was already living in that small cottage on St. Ann Street.  Where coffee came with chickery and she knew her place.

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