Thursday, January 8, 2015

"That is one happy boy!!"

Ida lived on the same street as the high school.  In the 50 years she had lived there she had seen a lot of changes.  When the weather was warm she liked to take her afternoon tea onto her front pourch.  In her house coat and slippers she would watch the school day come to a close.   Some students would walk by and wave.  More would rev their engines as they passed. The car models changing from sports cars to trucks from Ford's to Toyota's. 

The school had grown in the number of students and in size. She had lived through the construction of the new auditorium, the raising of the football goals.  And the fashions. ..from the bralsss dresses of the 60's to the bell bottoms, the big hair, grunge and belly shirts.  And all the while Ida wore the house coat and slippers. While she was on the pourch with her tea.  When went to the end of the driveway for the mail.  Destined to always be just on the outside.

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