Friday, January 2, 2015

Facebook tells me that 2 years ago I posted a picture of Baxter "easing" into 2013 - I wanted to assure you that nothing much has changed;)

Sammy rented a trailer on the edge of town.  It wasn't in one of those fancy parks with cable hookups and community picnic tables.  She couldn't afford that luxury.  She had grown up here.  Her parents living in one of the expensive neighborhoods and then they left.  She still wasn't sure how at 35 she had ended up back here.  Her hair was long and blond like it had been in high school but instead of looking shinny and healthy it looked broken and frizzy.  Too much hair dye maybe? Too many years in the Florida sun?

Her fingernails were bitten to the quick.  Her eyes sunken and sallow. No one ever carded her when she bought her smokes.  She would like to blame her absent, alcoholic parents. Or the boy she thought she loved.  When the weather was nice she would sit outside the door to the pale green trailer and watch the road leading into town.  The makeshift ashtray made from a Folger can by her feet. A bottle of white wine between her knees. She had given up on using glasses long ago.

When night fell she would sometimes make her way to the bar on the road into town. Most nights it was the same crowd, the losers from her high school who back then she didn't give a second look to and now she would give bjs in the bathroom for a drink. 

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